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In-person, Online and on the Phone

Almost every minute of the day — up to 1,200 times every day of the year — someone with a personal or social need is being connected to a service that can address that need through one of Findhelp’s four Inquiry Services lines, answered by professional Information and Referral Specialists.

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Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by professional Information and Referral Specialists who are trained to assess caller needs, and to refer callers to the most appropriate resources. 

Web and Data

Accurate and expertly organized data is crucial to connecting people with the services they need. We have been making information available to citizens and professionals since 1952.


Findhelp uses different training methods which are designed to maximize participant involvement and learning while accommodating diverse learning styles. 

Through our outreach activities we are able to connect with people in their community including senior, ESL, LINC and volunteer groups. We have provided outreach to a variety of agencies

"Very informative, well delivered and organized training." "A lot of what I learned I will be able to use in my daily work." "Very useful. I will definitely recommend these workshops to my colleagues." "I feel more confident in my role as an I&R provider." "The facilitator was excellent and made the workshop fun as well as informative."
Past Participants